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DiningCity cordially invites Hong Kong’s food lovers to “CHILL EATS”, part of Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2022 and supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board. The programme offers the diners a memorable journey within four pillars that trace the trends of the city’s dining scene, offering over 200 restaurants with selected menus up to 30% off.

“CHILL EATS” Promotion Period:

1 November – 30 November 2022

“CHILL EATS” Promotion Offers:

Diners can book more than 200 selected participating restaurants and enjoy menu discounts up to 30% off. Menus are divided into four price categories:

  • Category 1:Lunch Set HK$128 up /  Dinner Set HK$288 up
  • Category 2:Lunch Set HK$188 up / Dinner Set HK$388 up
  • Category 3:Lunch Set HK$238 up / Dinner Set HK$488 up
  • Category 4:Lunch Set HK$368 up / Dinner Set HK$688 up

Through four distinct pillars, CHILL EATS aims to showcase Hong Kong’s dining scene:

New in the City

Foodies in Hong Kong are always seeking new experiences – it’s why gourmet food abounds and famous chefs flock to open up shop here. Unique new restaurants continue to open up in the city despite the impact of the pandemic. “New in the City” highlights 30+ restaurants newly opened in 2021 or 2022.

“Hong Kong has gone through dark days in recent years and everyone has a need for optimism. For the hospitality industry, hit hard by closures and health regulations, hope for what comes next is what is sustaining the sector.” explains Mr. Kent Wong, founder of Taste Gourmet Group.

The Taste Gourmet Group has come together to create concepts and brands that honour the desire to live in the moment and the understanding that all things, good and bad, pass with time. Their recent brands, Que and San-Kinn mirror this concept.

“I firmly trust that our food & beverage sector will flourish again in no time given the diversity, vibrancy and multi-cultural society in Hong Kong” explains Wong.

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In the Open Air 

After so many hours cooped up indoors, many diners are looking for a breath of fresh air and a laidback atmosphere.  In the Open Air highlights 40+ restaurants with outdoor dining area, opened window, or any outdoor area for access.  

“More than just the basics of good food, good service and good value for money, we've seen guests gravitate toward restaurants that convey a sense of wellbeing,” says James Gannaban, Director of Marketing & Communications at Pirata Group. “Of the 14 restaurants we opened in the last two years, the most popular are the ones with access to open spaces – be it pizza and Aperol spritz on a sidewalk, to freshly baked pastries at the seaside, to a full-on classical Italian garden surrounded by lemon trees. It’s all about simple, accessible pleasures that provide a quick escape and a hit of holiday vibes.”

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Feast Your Eyes 

Apart from delicious food, Feast Your Eyes features 50+ restaurants that offers visual enjoyment through dish presentation/décor, food preparation/serving performance, interaction with chef etc. for an enjoyable dining experience.

“Dining out is not just about food and service. Guests nowadays have a lot of knowledge and high expectations. We need to keep the bar high in order to stay on top of our game,” says Alex Bellafronte, Operation Director, Asia of Aqua Restaurant Group. “Dining is an immersive experience, where all views, design, atmosphere, lighting and music play an incredibly important role to elevate our guest’s journey.

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Taste Travel

Taste Travel takes diners around the world and through culinary foodways. It’s a showcase of the diverse range of cuisines in Asia’s culinary capital. 60+ restaurants specializing in cuisine from specific region is selected for customers’ enjoyment.  

Andrew Yang, Rosewood Hong Kong’s Director of Food and Beverage agrees industry players must go the extra mile in formulating unique restaurant concepts from regional cuisines.“The hospitality industry has changed over the years, it’s not just about delivering great service anymore,” says Yang, “At Rosewood Hong Kong we think outside the box to create unique concepts so that each outlet is differentiated from the competition, and we work closely with different brands and beverage partners to present one-of-a-kind experiences our guests can only find here.”

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